• Andrew Cameron

Alum Pack Updates

Updated: Jan 3

The new Alum Pack has many new features making it more durable and comfortable than before.

5oz DCF Back Panel

The new back panel made of black 5oz Dyneema Composite Fabric is more durable with a 150D nylon face as opposed to the 50D face found on the previously used 3.5oz Dyneema Composite Fabric.

Shoulder Straps

The new shoulder straps have been completely redesigned. They now have a layer of 1/8" spacer mesh on the underside to add comfort and for better performance when sweating or in the rain. The straps are now S shaped to provide a better fit for everyone.


I have made many changes to the bottom, including a curved edge and bottom pocket. The curved edge helps with packing the pack by making it easier to pack the bottom, there is less dead space. The bottom pocket made of Durastretch: 66% nylon/34% spandex, is extremely durable and stretchy enough to store a days worth of food that can be easily accessed while moving.

Extension Collar

The extension collar being made out of HyperD 300 is much easier to use than the previously used DCF. This nylon's soft feel combined with the 300D face make it an ideal fabric for the extension collar. It is also currently available in black, blue, grey, and red.




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