Frequently asked questions

What is the lead time?

All in-stock products are shipping in 2-3 business days. Custom orders are shipping in less than 4 weeks.

Is the Beta Bag waterpoof?

No, while the Beta Bag is made of materials that are highly water resistant, the seams are not taped. For full protection from water, I recommend using a trash compactor bag to line the pack.

What torso size is the Beta Bag?

The Beta Bag has a 17" torso since it is meant to ride higher for better mobility. This will work well for users over 5'7", if you're under 5'7" please send an email to and I will get you the appropriate size.

Is there a warranty?

All products have a 1 year warranty to protect against manufacturing defects. This does not protect against natural wear of the materials.


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